This article is a collection of frequently asked questions for organizations using the Maryland Justice Passport.

How do I get my setup started?

First, you should get in touch with the Maryland Justice Passport Program Manager at nkiker@civiljusticeinc.org to get to know the platform. She will create your organization’s page and make you an admin so that you can set up your organization profile and listings, and start sending and receiving Passport referrals.

How do I know if I need one or multiple listings?

You only need multiple listings if your staff or services change based on eligibility criteria - geographic area, income guidelines, etc. If they do, your admin(s) should create one listing for each situation, containing the service description, legal issues, and preferences. All preferences other than the eligibility criteria described, such as points of contact, pinging, and conflict checks, can be set up within a single listing.

What should I do if we have staffing changes?

If your organization has staffing changes, your admin(s) should first update your staff list to reflect all changes. Please check out the how to add staff and how to delete staff sections in the People article for additional instructions.

Then, the admin(s) should check each listing’s point(s) of contact to make sure that they are still accurate, and make any necessary changes if they are not. Please check out the how to update points of contact section in the Listings article for additional steps.

How can I show the platform to someone else in my organization?

If someone at your organization wants to see the Maryland Justice Passport platform, your admin(s) can add them as the “staff” role in your staff list. They will then be able to log in, view Passports, and view your organization profile and listings.

My access to a Passport expired, but I still need it. What do I do?

If you are an admin, you can change your access length in your organization’s profile. This change will apply to all Passports that your organization has access to. You can also email mjp@civiljusticeinc.org, and the Maryland Justice Passport Program Manager will extend your access for whichever specific Passport(s) you need.

I received access to a Passport for a case we can’t accept. What should I do?

First, you should add a referral to another organization. Then, you should contact mjp@civiljusticeinc.org so that we can update our information on your organization’s services and direct referrals more accurately in the future.

Something isn’t working. Who should I contact?

You should contact mjp@civiljusticeinc.org. From there, your request will be directed appropriately depending on the issue you are experiencing.

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