Creating Passports

This article will show you how to create Passports for clients in your Maryland Justice Passport organization account.

Creating a Passport for a litigant is a great way to help them stay organized and move their case forward. Rather than just giving a litigant the phone number of another organization, making the referral using a Passport will save the litigant time and energy as they look for services, and will also save intake time for the organization receiving the referral. Even if you are not going to add a referral, you can still create a Passport for a litigant so that they have a secure place to store their case documents, details, events, and tasks.

How to create a Passport
  1. Select the Passports page on the left side menu. This will take you to the All Passports section where you can view all the Passports you have access to.

  2. Click the "Add New" button. This will take you to a new screen to fill out information about the Litigant, Opposing Party, Case, and Referral.

  3. Click the "Save" button to save your updates.

  4. After you click "Save," you are taken to an overview of the new Passport. When you click back to the "All Passports" page, you can see the new Passport.

How to add to a litigant's Passport

Once you have access to a Passport, you can add anything that you think will help the litigant stay organized and move forward. This could include: informational flyers in the ‘files’ page, tasks to upload any relevant photos or documents, events for upcoming court dates, etc.

  1. When you are done creating a Passport and clicking the "Save" button, it will take you to an overview of the new Passport.

  2. Select the "Edit" button to finish adding any relevant information to fully create the passport.

If you need additional help on how to update or add items to a Passport, view additional instructions on the Inside Each Passport section.

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