This article will show you how to view and update the referrals in your Passport.

The Referrals tab is where you can see organizations that you have been referred to. The organizations you've been referred to may or may not be able to help you. Each organization has its own eligibility criteria. The only way to know if an organization can provide services to you is to contact them and apply for services.

How to view your referrals

  1. Open a Passport from the Passports page.

  2. Click the "Referrals" tab. Each referral is displayed as a rectangle that shows the organization name, phone number, and referral status.

  1. Click on a referral to open it and see the details.

The organization phone number and description are displayed along with an "Open Website" button that you can click to open the organization's website in a new browser tab. The organization phone number, website, and description can not be edited.

When a referral is created, the status is set to "Haven't contacted yet." Once you've contacted the organization, update the referral status accordingly.

How to update your referrals

The "Referral Status" and "My Referral Notes" sections are for you to update. Updating the status and referral notes will help you stay organized.

  1. Open a referral. See the steps directly above for how to open a referral.

  2. Update the "Referral Status" by selecting an option from the dropdown menu. Updating the referral status will help you keep track of your application for services with that organization. Organizations may also update the referral status if they have contacted you.

  3. Update the "My Referral Notes" section by adding notes about your communication with the organization, such as when you contacted them and what they told you.

  4. To go back to the Referrals tab, click on "Back to (your name)" at the top of the screen. For example, if your name is Sarah Jones, click on "Back to Sarah Jones."

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